Laurie Aikins

Team Hoyt Coeur d'Alene Teammate

WooHoo! Nancy is bring her vast multisport experience to the public. If you're even thinking about getting a triathlon coach you should call Nancy. Her years of racing experience, coaching certifications, and wonderful personality will help you to become a better athlete, and love your sport all the more. Call her today!

Nicole Whiting

Triathlon Coaching

It is hard to write in words how this woman has changed my life. I guess sometimes you cross paths with someone and your life is just never really the same. She is my coach, but she is more than that. She gave me my workouts, gave me the plan, met me where I was at... all the things a coach does to help meet your goals... but she isn't just a good coach, she is an amazing coach. She journeyed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me, spent hours in the rain with me, and most of all she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Again, words don't really ever do justice to the things in life that change you as a person... She is the kind of coach that will leave you with the experience and journey that will last a lifetime... not just the goal accomplished, but the life well lived.

Now it's your turn!

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